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Wait a minute here. "God is the Universe"? How can that be? We are told by various religions that it was God who created everything, including the whole Universe which includes everything there is? Alternatively we are told by cosmic scientists that the Universe created itself with an enormous explosion that these scientists call the "Big Bang". We must be extremely gullible to believe in such unscientiffic non-verifyable nonsense. Mankind is extremely gullible to believe in much other such and other that is "sold" to us by religious leaders, politicians and "scientists". 

I prefer simpler and more logical hypotheses that can be scientiffically analysed and accepted as being highly plousible based upon logical deduction and verifiable facts. I like ideas that can be more easily accepted as likely answers without relience on religious, political or philosophical doctrines.

Simple hypotheses are generally closer to the truth than complex ones that rely on fairytales for verification. Einstein said the following about simplicity: "Make everything as simple as possible but not simpler".

Religions, economics and philosophies and many other beliefs explain all the things that are written in their writings with unverifiable fairitales that make no sense at all to people that do very systematic analytical thinking. Most people have learned their beliefs from their parents and have very little tolerance for anything that differs with their beliefs. All the fabulous fables that are part of most religions, economics and politics would not make sense to people if they did not have their indoctrinated beliefs.

It is quite clear that there is ample room for less complicated explanations and ideas about Gods, religions, heaven and hell. I like simple and more logical ideas that can better explain all what is going on in and beyond the by us studied snippet of the Universe. It may not be easy to get people to look into new ideas that try to suggest a totally different Universe and even a totally different God and a God that consists of all the total energy that is the Universe. My simple new ideas about Gods and the Universe might rank with the ideas of Einstein and Hawkins. You be the judge.

Whatever people believe is for them the truth. New ideas about everything, are always different from what people currently believe in. New ideas MUST be different because they would not be NEW ideas if they would not be different. People have a very short attention span and they listen about 20 seconds to a new idea and then shift their brain into top gear to quickly test the new idea against what they currently believe to be the truth. They then stupidly conclude that the new idea is false on the basis that it is different from what they currently believe to be the truth. How drole.  Duuuuh.

In slightly different words: 
Concluding that a new idea is false if it does not pass their totally illogical litmus test is the reason why human progress in all fields of knowledge is so hampered and and much slower than it could be. They will only deem a new idea worthy if the new idea closely agrees with what they currently believe to be the truth. How drole, because NEW ideas can only be new ideas IF THEY DIFFER with currently held beliefs. If they would not differ, they could not be NEW ideas. 

From ample evidence in history we can observe that most belief and truth will be replaced with new beliefs and new truth some day in the future. That leads to the conclusion that most current beliefs are false and will go down in history as mistaken and false beliefs at the time they are replaced with new beliefs. Ironically these new beliefs, these new truths, will most likely be false beliefs as well because most of them will be also be replaced with new beliefs some years or centuries later.  

Experts dismiss any ideas that differ with their beliefs as untrue. New ideas follow the 80%-20% Pareto principle in that 80% of new ideas are useless and often even dangerous and only 20% of new ideas range in quality from good to brilliant. It is up to us to find the 20% good to brilliant ideas and that is a more difficult and time consuming task than simply dismissing new ideas if they do not agree with current beliefs and current "truth".

There is a reason why younger people are more openminded toward new ideas than older people because they have not dicovered yet that 80% of new ideas are useless and even many of those are bad and even dangerous. Progress in anything is only possible by giving all new ideas serious consideration. 

It is our duty to ourselves and all mankind to seriously engage our own brain in step by step logical thinking and drawing reasonable conclusions.

Older people are the least willing to invest their precious time in listening to new ideas and thinking about them because they have been disappointed with too many of these 80% useless ideas. The older that people get the less they are willing to invest their precious time in contemplating new ideas that have such lousy 80-20 odds. So, be courageous and invest some time in new ideas and don't leave it to the "experts" to do the thinking for you. "Experts" will very swiftly dismiss new ideas in their field of expertise because new ideas will always disagree with their own beliefs which they believe and "know" to be the absolute truth. Check out www.GuardiansOfTheStatuQuo.com to understand the attitude of "experts" toward new ideas. The best ideas that lead to signifficant progress in any field of expertise are simple ideas that are easy to understand and analyse by average intelligent people. A famous Einstein quote is: "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler."    

So here are my new simple ideas about God and the Universe:

THERE NEVER WAS A BIG BANG. The Universe does not have a beginning nor an end, it has always existed and will exist forever. It is truly endless in all its dimensions and concepts including the dimensions of time and space. Everything in the Universe consists of ENERGY. Energy comes in many different densities such as light waves, cosmic radiation, the gradually increasing densities of the elements on the periodic table starting with the lightest and least dense element Hydrogen consisting of only one electron and one neutron and ending with the heaviest and least stable elements consisting of ever increasing numbers of electrons and neutrons. All of these forms of identified and as yet to be identified energy forms represent everything there is and it cannot be quantified because it together is the endless UNIVERSE. How big is the Universe and how old is it? These are of course nonsense questions to ask about something that has no 

All those different Gods that mankind believes in do of course exist in the form of energy that is in the form of stored thoughts in the human brain. Most people have need for only one God and they dismiss the existence of any other gods. All these gods have most likely been invented by the early organizers of organized religions. Organized religion is a very clever form of service business that fills the need for people to divest themselves of having to take responsibility for everything they do in life and everything they fail to do and it also takes the burden of responsibility for failure off people's shoulders because everything good or bad that happens is in their mind "GOD'S WILL". As in all other forms of business, it is most likely all about money, power and control. With organized religions people are willingly giving power and money away to the organizers of these religions. They also divest themselves of control over their own lives and thoughts. In other words, they lose everything, money, power and control, because they willingly give it all to the religious leaders that run and control these organized religions. Dictatorships employ the same methods as religions do.

No single part of the Universe has been created. Everything in the Universe that people believe to having been created in the past or being created today or anytime in the future SHOULD be understood as TRANSFORMATION INSTEAD OF CREATION. The Universe has always existed and it always will exist. This means that there never was a beginning and there never will be an end to the Universe. There has never been the creation of anything because energy cannot be created and energy cannot be lost. Every form of energy is part of the Universe and it cannot disappear or vanish, because where would it go? There is no place outside the Universe. The Universe has no "outside" because it is endless and has no border or limit. This means that the Universe has also no inside, because for it to have an inside it must have a limiting border which is impossible with a limitless Universe. There has always been a constant amount of energy that makes up the Universe and that constant amount of energy has always existed. What we mistakenly call the Universe is only a very small part of the true limitless Universe. And this Universe consists of an endless amount of energy in all the forms that energy comes in such as light and other forms of radiation energy, gasses, solids, living matter and all other forms of energy known and as yet unknown.

Most humans cannot conceive of anything without a beginning or end. That is why humans have invented the concepts of creation and Gods and assigned the concept of creation to be performend by those Gods. The reality is that nothing can be created. Instead of creation, we should understand that the only thing that takes place is constant and never ending transformation of energy from different forms of energy  into other forms of energy or combinations of different forms of energy.

No energy ever gets lost from the Universe and no energy ever gets added to the Universe. The total amount of energy within the Universe is not quantifiable because it is an endless amount in an endless Universe that had no beginning and will never have an end, it always existed and will always exist. To mark the BigBang as the beginning of the Universe and the beginning of time is total nonsense. Time and the Universe have always existed and they will never end.

So, to make things as simple as possible, I think of the Universe as the all powerful all encompassing God. Not a God with an agenda or a plan or any executive power. It is a God that embodies all the energy that is the Universe including all living species on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe. That should be a pleasing thought for many people when they realize that they are all part of the Universe or God, and that God is part of them. We are in charge and responsible for our own constant transformation and for the ideas and behaviors that make our own life better or worse. It is our responsibilty to provide for all that we wish for and to prevent illness and to promote health. We are part of this God and can tap into the power of God The Universe.

God is a living and breathing organism in that all the endless amount of energy that makes up the Universe goes through never ending cycles of transformation of energy from the least dense concentrations of energy such as all forms of radiation (light and all forms of cosmic radiation) via all the elements of the periodic table to the most dense concentrations of energy such as "Black Holes" and other such dense agglomerations of energy. The most dense concentrations of energy are so extremely dense that they apparently collapse on to themselves and ultimately when they have reached the highest degree of concentration they explode into the least dense form of energy concentration that are most likely the least dense concentration of energy, the fastest moving cosmic radiation forms of energy. From there the cycle of concentrating energy begins anew toward the ultimate concentration into a "BlackHole" or an even denser concentration that explodes again into the lowest energy concentration cosmic radiation. This cycle of concentrating and exploding into low density forms of energy is a never ending cycle of a living Universe that is the ultimate all powerful God that is part of us and that we are part of. This idea/hypothesis answers a lot of questions we have about God and the Universe that appear to be one and the same.

To get an idea of how large the Universe realy is (endless) I believe that there is an endless number of Galaxies that individually or in combination with other Galaxies provide enough of the solid form of energy/matter that collapses into these very dense entities that ultimately explode into radiation of some kind and then start a new cycle of ever denser energy concentration that culminates in enormous explosions into the least dense forms of energy. A never ending cycle of expantion and contraction of energy. And an endless number of "Big Bangs" every second somwhere in the Universe. Gives you an idea what endless means and how big the Universe is. Endless in size and time and energy.